Five Minute Faith Talks – “Faith that Makes the Right Choices”

“Because of this decision, Moses gave up all his rights and future potential status he would have had in Egyptian society. Many Egyptians around him probably thought he was crazy for making this decision!”

Five Minute Faith Talks: “Faith that Doesn’t Fear Obeying God”

“The decision to honor God is a decision that most people do not make; however, it was made by Moses’ parents because they had Faith that Doesn’t Fear Obeying God! Because of their faith, we are reading about them in the Bible today! What better way for God to honor those who honored Him?!”

Five Minute Faith Talks: “Faith that Expects God to Bless”

“While Joseph knew he wouldn’t be there to see this promise come to pass, he wanted to show forth some action of faith that indicated he still believed that it would happen, even if he would never see it himself.”

Five Minute Faith Talks: “Faith that Blesses”

“…no matter what troubles we have faced in our lives (even if we were the causes of those troubles) it is still possible to move beyond that and get to a higher level in your life where God’s voice is something you learn to perceive and obey”

Five Minute Faith Talks: “Faith That Trusts God’s Way of Doing Things”

“One thing we learn from Abraham is that after you have been in relationship with God for a while, you also learn God’s character and how God does things.”