Cast Down and Lifted Up (Devotional Reading)

Job 22:29  When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person.

No doubt many people have heard of the account of Job. A man of whom God says was, “…perfect and upright, and one that feared God, and eschewed evil.” (Job 1:1). He was also a very wealthy man who had lots of children; 10 to be exact.

We know there came a day when he pretty much lost all that he had. He lost his plowing animals to robbers. He lost his sheep to a great lightning storm. He lost his transport animals to more robbers. In all these events, Job also lost his entire workforce. All that he had worked for and accomplished was gone!

Finally, he lost all his children at once in a terrible wind storm, and it was at this news that the Bible says in Job 1:20  Then Job arose, and rent (tore) his mantle, and shaved his head, and fell down upon the ground, and worshipped,

Upon hearing of Job’s affliction, there were three acquaintances of Job who came to comfort him. But, their words were not really comfort to Job at all. It seems they were more interested in accusing Job of some secret wrong doing. They seemed to believe he was just reaping for this perceived wrong doing and they were making this known to Job.

Some comforters they were!

It’s while a man by the name of Eliphaz was speaking that he uttered the words we read in Job 22:29  When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person

While his intent may not have been the best, the words of Eliphaz are true. It isn’t until we have truly been cast down by the situations of life that we finally understand what it means to be lifted up by the Lord!

I believe that when we learn to look at life this way, it makes these experiences far more beneficial to our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth!

There’s an old adage that says, “When you’re down to nothing, God’s up to something” and that was certainly true for Job! We learn later that he ended up with twice the amount of wealth after his trial was over than he had before his trial began. He also ended up with 10 more children!

God took a terrible situation and turned it around and taught Job what it really means to be lifted up by God!

When we are cast down by the events of life, let’s not forget to look up to God and let Him lift us up as well!

-Bread in the Wilderness Devotional Readings

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God bless you!

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