The Monument of Moral Courage

“Anytime we have to deal with tough situations, we must remember we are dealing with PEOPLE in the process, not just things. Unlike things, people have feelings, emotions, biases, and most importantly…souls!”

It May As Well Be You!

“What’s wrong with trying to do as much as we can and become the best we can? Why aren’t more people attempting to do that?”

The University of Adversity

“If anyone had a reason to be bitter, it was Joseph! He had been turned against and sold out by his brothers; the ones he thought he should have been able to trust…Talk about potentially having abandonment and trust issues!”

The Power of Empowerment

“Every person who is given a task to do must also be given ample resources to carry out that task. Part of those ample resources is the authority to get the task done.”

Listening for Knowledge

“Out of all the crowns mentioned in the Bible, we do not talk about the crown of knowledge very much, but we should because…”


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